Hanson Leung is currently studying at Wissahickon High School located in the greater Philadelphia area. He is a producer, illustrator, and photographer & filmmaker that creates digital media to capture modern audiences.

Utilizing creative technology, Hanson is able to reimagine the conventional and develops novel solutions to problems worth solving. As a part-time student and part-time innovator, Hanson is developing an active perception of what it means to be a 21st century American teen.



The East-West Collection - a photo documentary of Hanson’s life as an American Teen.


Invention Project | Flare - a documentary of the creative design process behind the Flare app.

FBLA | Giving Tuesday - a video showcasing the importance of #givingtuesday within FBLA.


Corpse in the Morgue - a self produced track.


wiss.club & whsfans.club - Hanson is the designer and operator of several websites for local community organizations.

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Get in touch with Hanson. He is a freelancer that has expertise in the digital arts. He is fluent in Microsoft Office, the Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro.